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Intevation assigned to develop GREAT-ER II extension. (2004/09/06)

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Intevation, the developer of GREAT-ER II model system and its GIS user interface is contracted by CEFIC to implement a sediment extension for the aquatic environmental exposure assessment tool.

The prediction of sediment concentrations of chemicals in freshwater is a requirement of the EU Risk assessment (EU TGD). However, the current GREAT-ER software only calculates total concentration in water column. The extension of the GREAT-ER II Model System and Desktop User Interface considers suspended and settled sediments and will provide more detailed chemical concentrations.

The project is a joined effort in cooperation with the University of Cranfield (UK), it will be finished in May 2005. As for GREAT-ER II, the implementation of the GREAT-ER Sediment Exposure Module will be performed following Free Software concepts and will be released as Free software under the GNU GPL.

See the CEFIC LRI Project Page for more details and follow the project's progress on Intevation's GREAT-ER site.

SciParam 1.0.0 released (2003/07/22)

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SciParam 1.0.0 released

SciParam is a Python package to easily add additional quality control for entering scientific parameters in wxPython-based user interfaces. Feature are feasible and physical value ranges, comments, distributions and defaults.

SciParam is part of the the GREAT-ER client and forms the basis of its dialogs for entering various model parameters.

SciParam is Free Software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Itter Catchment Data 1.0.0 released (2003/06/20)

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Itter Catchment Data 1.0.0 released

A long standing drawback of GREAT-ER was the lack of a really free distributable geographic data set. To overcome this with GREAT-ER II CEFIC LRI contracted Intevation GmbH for the digitization of a catchment. The Itter catchment has been choosen since it is small but validated. Its applicability for environmental modelling has been proven by various publications.

The version 1.0.0 of the geographic data set is now released and published under the GNU GPL. The data is available for download in shapefile format and raw data. See the page Free Geo-Dataset: Itter Catchment for details.

greater-pre-processing 1.2.0 released (2002/07/17)

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greater-pre-processing 1.2.0 released

This tool generates catchment data sets that can be directly used with GREAT-ER 1.0.3 and also prepares datasets for GREAT-ER 2.0 providing a guide for incorporation.

The new version 1.2.0 is the final version as part of the GREAT-ER 2 project. Essential improvements since 1.1.0 are:

  • Full example included: Itter Catchment
  • Documentation completed
  • Additional tests for consistent topology
  • Scripts to support incorporation of results into a GREAT-ER 2.0 database
  • Support for lakes for GREAT-ER 2.0
  • New command line option 'clean'

greater-pre-processing 1.0.0 released (2002/04/17)

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greater-pre-processing 1.0.0 released

This tool generates catchment data sets that can be directly used with GREAT-ER 1.0.3.

The pre-processing tests for a valid set of pre-defined data files in text format and converts them into catchment shapefiles accompanied with datafiles for use with the GREAT-ER 1 simulator.

GREAT-ER development site at Intevation launched (2002/04/04)

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GREAT-ER development site at Intevation launched

This new site is dedicated to support Free Software developments around the GREAT-ER project. It serves projects performed by Intevation, but the development infrastructure is open for further contributions.


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